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by Lukurio

I like this one! it's really original and the artwork looks nice! keep on going and you'll become a whole tons of awesome! i really wan...

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See You Next Season!
This is a drawing I made to commemorate the end of what is in my opinion, one of the best seasons of the Pokémon anime (along with Indigo League and Advanced). Ash-Greninja, Zygarde's new formes, Alain and bigger battles than ever before! But now that Pokémon XYZ is over, it's onto Pokémon Sun and Moon!
Pokémon © Nintendo, Game Freak, Creatures Inc., Shopro, TV Tokyo
I just received my own Dream Address! Come and stop by my town of ANIMAL: 5A00-0072-9A2E. It might have a somewhat terrible name to it, but you'll be surprised of how nice of a town ANIMAL is!
*Breaking news*
Bakumaru is now available on the internet! Click on the link below to read Bakumaru right now(or whenever you have time to do so):
Friendship Diploma
Nothing but a little diploma that I made in honor of my love for Raichu's Alolan form.
Raichu © Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures Inc.
Check out this new quiz that me and a friend of mine created:…
It's a quiz on Animal Adventure! And another new piece of Animal Adventure news, you can now read Animal Adventure X for the very first time in the history of ever! Check it out on my tumblr blog: wevelocityteampresents-blog.tu…. That's all for the news, now it's time for some art.


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Okay so to make The series have a bit more familiarity, I'm gonna list down all the characters that I know of in Animal Adventure X. Please Enjoy!
Main Characters:
Velocity The Cat: Velocity is a 15 Year old Red Cat Who lives out His life in New Leaf town with His best friend Alex the Fox and Alex's Big sister Chi. He enjoys going off on crazy new Adventures with His Friends and is always foiling Dr.Dogman's schemes.

Alex The Fox: An 8 Year old Fox Who lives with His big sister Chi along with His best friend Velocity in a place called New Leaf town(Which was once called "Vaniville Town".) He always getting caught up in one of Velocity and others crazy misadventures and is always helping out Velocity put Dogman in His place.
He enjoys watching TV and loves eating Rice Balls.

"Amy"Avery T. Fox: Amy is an 11 Year old girl who is Super cheerful and is always willing to help out. She's high heels for Velocity and is always trying to get His heart. She carries around a Giant Hammer wherever She goes and is very good with tarot cards.

Dr. "C.P" Dogman: An evil scientist bent on world domination. With an IQ of over 300, He travels the land with His robotic Cat henchwoman Britty to set out and just like any other villain,take over the world.
However thanks to Velocity and Friends, His dreams might never be reached...

Britty: A robot Cat Who was created as a Sidekick for Dr.Dogman to rival both Velocity and Alex. While not as bright or smart as Dogman, Britty is always coming up with New plans to cause havoc for Velocity and Co. (For a better insight to Her character, think of Her as a Genderswapped version of Meowth from The Pokémon anime.)

The Ny-an Clan: A clan of Cats Who go around the country causing trouble Wherever They go. Three members Consisting of two teenagers and their Cat are the most prominent members of the Organization even though They have only appeared in one Volume.

Chaos Doom: Chaos Doom is a monster from The Real World Who was once a Man that lived a terrible Life up to middle school, Where He ended up homeless on the streets of Pricelon City. After seeing Velocity's growing popularity, He decided to study Dark Magic and Become The Chaos Doom. He was finally destroyed By Velocity and Flare at the end of volume 12.

Chi The Fox: An 18 Year old Fox whom is the older sister of Alex and has relations to Her younger Step-sister Amy. She's mostly the leader of the house and acts as a Guardian to both Alex and Velocity and has a very aggressive way of dealing with the two When They get on Her nerves.

Rick The Fox: Rick is a Cat who is mostly nerdy and somewhat mature. He can have a bit of a wild imagination despite His Mild-mannerisms.

George "Flare" Velocity: A hamster who lives in New Leaf town and fought alongside Super Velocity to defeat Chaos Doom V2. He still keeps in touch with Velocity and the gang as a recurring Character.

And with that, I end this Character Summary. I hope You enjoyed it and I wish You all a good night.

Animal Adventure X & Animal Adventure are both owned by Animal Adventure Company.
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Hello Everybody! My Name's Ninten111 and I make stuff! I'm a Young artist who is focused on making the best works and comics anyone has ever seen(most of the time...) I am also the creator of Nyanta The Comic, Pokémon Lookback, Taisho No Daiboken and Pokécats! Anyways, have fun browsing My page and look forward to lots of uh, stuff!


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